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Move Anywhere

Statewide Moving

A California intrastate move is defined by any move over 100 miles from the city of origin, but still within the state. The initial charge for an intrastate move is based on a 3000 lb. minimum calculated by the distance plus a per 100lb rate. The longer the distance, the higher the rate.

Loads are combined on a truck to ensure the lowest price possible, and are very rarely delivered on the same day as the pickup. But because we can usually offer a shorter window, we’re able to assign it to a particular day.

San Francisco/Los Angeles

A move between Los Angeles and San Francisco is charged by weight. A two to four day delivery window is standard, but it can usually be assigned to a particular day if we are given notice. Although, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara are over 100 miles, they’re treated more like a local move because of their close proximity, and can very often have a same day delivery.

Estimates & Boxes

A small Intrastate move may not need an estimate because of our 3000 lb. minimum. But it is imperative to perform an onsite estimate for large moves, because normally these are done on a tractor-trailer unit. We need to make sure the truck can access your residence, and we can also discuss delivery options at this time.


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