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Move Anywhere

Michael | President - Co-Owner

Personal Service

Moving people in Los Angeles still remains the largest part of our business. From a small studio apartment to a six bedroom home, from hard working Angelinos to well known celebrities, all our customers get the four-star treatment. That’s why Gentle Giant is well known as a premier local mover.

Feel free to visit our facility in Hawthorne and view the "Wall of Fame." Even though we are sometimes referred to as a "mover to the stars" our focus is very much down to earth, delivering moves at the lowest price consistent with good service.

A local move is defined as any move under 100 miles from Los Angeles, yet still within the state of California. A local move is charged by the hour. Check the Statewide and Interstate pages for their respective rates.

Maria | CFO - Co-Owner

We offer:

- Local moving services
- Full-service packing
- Deliverable quality packing materials
- Floor and furniture protection
- Unpacking and debris removal
- High value item crating
- Short and Long term storage options

For more information for services we offer at Gentle Giant Moving and Storage, please call us at (310) 978-2939 or (800) 416-6838

Free Estimates

Estimates are free and there is no obligation. We advise that you obtain a written estimate from several movers ahead of time. A written estimate is binding, phone estimates and rate quotations are not.

A written estimate ensures you a “not to exceed” maximum price. It’s where the entire move is planned in advance. It allows us to gauge what size of truck will be required, the number of men to send, and any special equipment that may be needed. We can also anticipate the number of boxes that you’ll need and discuss all the details of the job in person.

Get an Instant Quote

Feel free to play with our “Get a Quote” feature. It’s important to remember that this is not a proper on site estimate. The formula that underlines the instant quote is the same the estimator will use, but because there are so many variables in an actual move, it can only be a rough guide. A good example of this, is when a large item needs to be crated or hoisted, or a special item needs to be shrink-wrapped. Plus, we can also anticipate what will be needed to handle your fragile items. This will ensure a smooth and uneventful move.

The moving industry is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission in the state of California. The Commission publishes an excellent booklet entitled "Important Information for People Moving Household Goods Within California." Our estimator will leave a copy with you when he does the estimate, or feel free to contact our office and we will be glad to mail a copy to you. Again, proper planning and good communication with your mover will ensure a pleasant moving experience.


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